Thoughts on Hannibal Finale Savoureux (with spoilers)

Incredible season finale. Instead of Lecter behind bars, Graham is behind bars and Lecter is on the outside looking in. Lecter’s role behind bars has become iconic with Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) looking in. This reverse was a great twist that rings true with both fans and people new to the series. It was nearly a perfect way to end it. Leave on a climax, leave watchers wanting more, leaving things tangled and a mess with no hope for the hero. The main question I had when the episode ended was, when does season 2 start?


Some favorite dialogue includes when Alana Bloom and Will are talking in prison. Will jokes that she dodged a bullet in their romance, and she replies that she doesn’t feel she’s dodged a bullet and that she’s wounded. Another great part is between Hannibal and du Maurier. Their relationship is interesting because it keeps on forcing us to ask, how much does du Maurier actually know? There are insinuations, but is it merely surface talk? When Hannibal talks about the fact that 100 billion people have lived and died, it got me thinking, damn, how many lives have come and gone in our history? Do we know any of them now? Before the episode, I was watching the NBA finals and the broadcasters kept on talking about history, how people will remember the series forever. Will they? I can barely remember last year’s finals. Memory is a poor tool in the path towards eternity, ha ha.

Hannibal - Season 1

The showdown between Will and Hannibal is great too as Will figures everything out and points out why Hannibal was so hard to see; he had no motive, no discernible reason than amusement and curiosity. This sickens Will. Hannibal pushed everything too far. If he had just framed Will for Abigail, Will would have believed it. But when he tried to frame him for all the other murders too, including the copycats, then Will figured it out. I’d say that was possibly the weakest link in this episode is that he seems to gain ESP abilities in Dr. Hannibal’s office. Before that, his visions came from interpreting actual forensic data. Now, he can sense it in Hannibal’s office. I didn’t notice this, but my wife who was watching with me immediately asked, “How does he know Hannibal did it? Why is he getting these visions?” When I thought about it, I actually didn’t know how he extrapolated it and couldn’t be sure his mind was just screwing with him. It’s a big leap thinking your psychiatrist is a mass murderer that framed you. I think in the original Thomas Harris books, Will Graham notices a diagram of a body similar to the way one of the victims was murdered which helps him figure it out.

Gorgeously shot, moody music, beautiful writing. I’m very excited that Hannibal will be back for a second season. Now, what series should I watch next?


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