Junying Kirk Interviews Craig Wallwork

I read a lot of literary interviews and this had to be one of my favourites mainly because I got to know more about Craig. I love his prose and writing style, but more importantly, I love how real his characters feel, even when faced with insanely crazy situations that make your jaw drop. Major props to Junying for asking some really interesting questions- two of my favourite parts of the interview had to be:

How would you describe your own writing style? 

That’s a difficult one. Style is different than genre, and I don’t really do genre, nor do I understand the labelling system of genre. But my style leans heavily toward pulling emotion from the mundane, the dark, or the absurd. What’s very important for me is to connect to the reader, to make them feel something. I don’t go out to intentionally shock, though on the surface, you may think that’s all I do.

Do you have a motto to live by and what is it?

Not really. If things are getting bad, or I’m depressed about work or whatever, I stop for a moment and ask myself one question: Will this really matter when you’re on your deathbed? It’s not so much a motto, but more a way of reconditioning my mind to dilute the circumstances I’m under at the time. Sometimes it works, but mostly it just makes me think of my death.


Click the image above to go to the full interview which is a definite must-read!


And of course, thanks for the Watering Heaven mention Craig and Junying!


4 thoughts on “Junying Kirk Interviews Craig Wallwork

  1. I love how Craig Wallwork first responds to a question by stating that he doesn’t really have anything to say, but then goes on to give a brilliant answer. This is a writer to watch.

  2. Jumbled writer, Craig is a writer to watch, and to read, most definitely!

    Peter, thanks for directing traffic this way – I am hoping to extract some answers from you also. Give me a shout when you have time for a more in-depth chat with me :).

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