Initial Thoughts on The Last of Us

I popped in The Last of Us and played for about two hours with Angela last night. Naughty Dog is simply incredible. I may be biased as I know several of the developers. But considering how well it’s been doing in the reviews, I know it’s not just me. In some ways, it’s kind of like a mix of Walking Dead, Uncharted, and The Road. But of course, the immersion level is incredible. The opening prologue sequence in the car is chilling. I kept on looking around as Sarah and there were so many crazy sights. Even in the house, when you look out the bedroom and see one of the buildings explode, it’s an awesome and horrifying moment. I actually loved that you got to experience the plague in its initial inception as it begins to spread. The climax of the prologue had both Angela and I feeling emotional.

The sudden 20 year jump was a little bit surprising. I would have loved to have seen what happened in the two decades between and how Joel learns to survive and cope with this world. Some things I loved:

-When you’re walking around, characters perform actions and talk like real people. At one point, four guys are captured by the military and two are executed and it has nothing to do with the main plot. You could even ignore it and not know any better.

-I love how he closes the door every time he goes through.

-Animation is superb, but so is the animation in every Naughty Dog game. Little touches like the way he moves down the stairs are pretty cool.

I’ll write more as I go through!



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