“Utterly Enchanted”- Author Junying Kirk Reviews Watering Heaven

Happy Sunday everyone! I was very honored that author Junying Kirk had this to say about Watering Heaven:

I could not stop thinking how fabulous and thought-provoking this short story collection by Peter Tieryas Liu was days after I’d done reading… Another thing is that I feel utterly enchanted by those wonderfully crafted stories that I was lost for words to describe their brilliance and impact on me as a reader, especially after I came across some expert reviews on GoodReads

It’s tremendous praise from an awesome writer about whom I’ve also been hearing many wonderful things. As a writer, you often don’t know what people will think of your work, and it’s an incredible feeling to be able to have an impact through the stories you share. Thank you again Junying! (and also Craig whose review is reposted here!)

Junying’s Bio: Junying Kirk grew up in the turbulent times of the Cultural Revolution. A British Council scholarship led her to study English Language Teaching at Warwick University, followed by further postgraduate degrees at Glasgow and Leeds. She has worked as an academic, administrator, researcher, teacher and cultural consultant. Working as a professional interpreter, her passion has always been reading & writing books, and world travel. Her ‘Journey to the West’ trilogy, ‘The Same Moon’, ‘Trials of Life’ and ‘Land of Hope’ have been published on Amazon Kindle, and on Smashwords. Paperbacks for all three books will be available in 2013. She lives in Birmingham, UK with her English husband.
junying kirk

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