Thoughts on Hannibal Episode 12 Releves (with spoilers)

Things are heading towards a powerful climax and standoff between Will and Lecter. I had thought that maybe they would develop a friendship as they helped each other track down different serial killers. In fact, that’s what I thought was going to be the basis of this show. Now, it looks inevitable either Will goes down or Lecter. As we know what happens from Red Dragon (Lecter gets caught), it looks like Season 2 will see Lecter behind bars. What will that mean for the dynamic between the two next season? It’ll be interesting to see (really really happy that Hannibal got extended for another season!).

Many of the questions I had in episode 10, Buffet Froid, are answered. Will does figure out that it wasn’t Georgia who killed the doctor. And we also find out much of why Hannibal does what he did: morbid curiosity. His interaction with Abigail as well as his chilling revelation is stunningly well done. I liked how Abigail asks him how many people he’s killed and Lecter answers that it’s more than her father. It’s interesting that at first, Abigail trusts Hannibal more than Will, but by the end, she realizes she’s trusted the wrong person.

This series is all about the interactions. Georgia and Will. Will and Abigail. Lecter and Will. Lecter and Crawford. Crawford and Agent Scully- I mean Bedelia. Taut, intense moments, dripping with subtext, meaning behind meaning behind meaning. It’s what I love about the show and this week, Hannibal was at its best. Major kudos to the incredible writers/writing.

I also liked that there is no killer to catch this week. Well, there is. The actual Chesapeake Ripper. A few questions I had; when they refer to Will’s fever, does that mean he was actually treated for his encephalitis? Or do they think he was just sick with the flu? If it was encephalitis, wouldn’t someone ask why the MRI didn’t pick it up? Also, Will just shot Dr. Gideon last week. Will there be some board meeting to review the shooting and his mental state? (silly to pick out, I know)

One last thing I enjoyed. Hannibal makes a silky chicken in Broth from China with a bunch of ingredients he lists. Will replies you made me a chicken soup? Their different ways of approaching the exact same thing provided a humorous contrast. Can’t wait to see what awaits next week as the episode preview indicates a showdown.


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