What is Puppy Pong? (E3)

There was a huge retro section and one of the strangest things I saw was a huge Puppy Pong machine. I had no idea what it was and looked it up on Wiki:

Doctor Pong, also known as “Puppy Pong” was an adaption of the original arcade Pong for use in a non-coin-operated environment. It was conceptualized by Nolan Bushnell, Steve Bristow and a marketing firm to move their arcade games into a non-arcade environment—in this case to help occupy children in pediatricianswaiting rooms. Originally designed to be model of Snoopy’s dog house with Pong built into the side of it, when Charles Schulz declined Atari the use of Snoopy the model was changed to a generic doghouse with a puppy looking over the top. Puppy Pong saw a limited production run and was in testing stage at Chuck E. Cheese’s early locations.


Now I know!


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