Hannibal Episode 11 Roti Thoughts (with spoilers)

Episode 11, Roti, was another excellent episode with a smartly written plot that furthered the stakes of all those involved. I really have to applaud the FX and the incorporation of CG which is pretty damn good. That opening flooding scene was done really well and Chilton’s surgery by Dr. Abel Gideon’s hand was gruesome. I liked the fact that Crawford and the agents did not get there in time to prevent Chilton from actually undergoing surgery. You know how it is in most shows or movies; the FBI (or police) arrive just in time to rescue him. Dr. Chilton gets his organs handed to him which was sickening to watch.

hannibaled (2)

Will Graham is really falling apart and yet, he’s still sharp enough to realize that the second Columbian necktie victim with a severed arm is actually the Chesapeake Ripper cluing Crawford in on where Dr. Gideon was. (btw, very disturbing seeing the tongue ripped out through the victims’ neck). The dialogue between the two at the end where they stand in front of Dr. Bloom’s house was very well done, filled with jabs and implications at their mental states, the two mirroring each other in a darkly perverse manner. One of my favorite lines by Dr. Gideon is when he talks about the entanglement of his memories and how he wonders if they are his or someone else’s. And then he realizes it’s actually that from an old photo unrelated to his life that he’s got all mixed up. Later on, when Will asks Gideon who he is, he answers, “I am you.”

I’d say the only thing that weakened the plot was the knowledge that Will’s condition was principally a result of his encephalitis. His mental condition is being severely debilitated by his physical condition. I get that, but I didn’t get why Hannibal at the end of the episode claims to want to protect Will when his actions result in the opposite. Like when he pretends to chase after Dr. Gideon and leaves the gun behind. Was he actually trying to get Will to exorcise the hallucinations of Garrett Jacob Hobbs by killing Gideon (and thus contain his madness?). Then again, if Will gets his encephalitis treated, maybe all the hallucinations will go away. I know Hannibal eventually gets caught, so perhaps this is the beginning of his downfall? I’m not sure. But madness in moderation, as Hannibal puts it, is often the only way to cope with modern society. Only two more episodes left. Damn.


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