Would Have Loved to have seen an Indiana Vs. Memphis NBA Championship

I know, I know. San Antonio and Miami are the elite teams. And yes, they have more talent and are bigger markets. San Antonio has Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. Miami has the big three in Lebron, Wade, and Bosh, along with Ray Allen and many others. While San Antonio wasn’t the favorite, after Westbrook went down, they immediately established themselves as such. And while Indiana really gave Miami a run for their money, everyone was expecting Miami to win.

Still, I would have loved to have seen two underdogs fighting each other. Miami and SA have already won their championships. If they win another one, so what? They establish more of their legacy? I doubt Lebron or Wade or Duncan or Bosh or Parker need to worry about it. Honestly, I don’t even watch the Hall of Fame Inductions and don’t know half the people being inducted all these years later. In the existential sense of meaning, none of it has meaning. But to have seen two different teams I normally never watch eke it out over the NBA championship? Both teams are full of heart, rough around the edges, and yet they fight for every possession. Even if their ratings wouldn’t have been as high on TV, I always root for the underdog. This time around, there isn’t one.

Too bad.



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