E3 Pictures Part 2: What Happened to Star Trek the Game?

The Star Trek game booth was one of my favorite booths last year. Big, sprawling, with booth babes in the classic Star Trek uniforms, it got me feeling all retro. The demo in the stage in 3D had some incredible moments, especially with the reveal that the Gorn were back as the enemies. The teamwork between Kirk and Spock seemed to have a lot of fun gameplay, as well as possibilities for a whole different kind of game. I loved the way mind-melding was shown and I really had high hopes for this one. Since then, the game released and the reviews have come out. Unfortunately, pretty much everyone has damned the game in reviews. I haven’t played it myself and still hope to do so. Perhaps some patches will fix it? It’s just unfortunate because I loved their booth so much last year and I could tell the developers had put a lot of thought into making it a good game (at least it seemed that way). Photos by Angela Xu. Part 3 will be Lollipop Chainsaw.

e303 e317


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