We Video Review Berit Ellingsen’s Beneath the Liquid Skin

It’s been a fun week for video reviews. A lot of the reviews have their seed in an image described in a book. In this case, it was Berit Ellingsen’s description of a person who had fruits growing out of their skin and a chance to try to recreate the macrocosm of the galaxy in the microcosm of food dynamics. Angela and I spent a lot of time recreating strange soups using mushrooms and fruit we left out to grow little bivouacs of fungi. Her book, Beneath the Liquid Skin from Queen’s Ferry Press, is full of incredible imagery and she has a very unique voice that mixes poetic prose and her background as a writer of science. This was made as an accompaniment to my piece over at Necessary Fiction. Thanks again to Kristine Ong Muslm for introducing me to Berit’s work as well as Editor Michelle Bailat-Jones for creating this recommendation list! =)





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