Craig Wallwork Reviews Watering Heaven

I read Craig Wallwork’s Quintessence of Dust earlier this week and loved it. The stories were incredibly creative and I enjoyed them a whole lot. You can check out my review here. I was thrilled, then, when Craig read Watering Heaven and wrote this awesome review. I’ve gotten to know him over the past week and I am surprised at how much we share. He’s writer that I greatly admire and look forward to getting to know better. I’m reading his latest, To Die Upon a Kiss, and it is really really good (I will most likely be reviewing this one for the LitPub). If you haven’t already, read his collection! It’s free at Smashwords at this link.

As a preview of Craig’s review:

In Watering Heaven, Tieryas successfully peels back the rind of life to exposure the sweet, and sometimes bitter, fruit that lies beneath, where chance meetings blossom into love, dialogue is so slick you fear your eyes may slip while reading, and the ordinary is a catacomb for a surreal beauty metamorphosing within. Being a keen fan of the short story, I found Water Heaven one of the best collections I have ever read.



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