Thoughts on Hannibal Episode 10 Buffet Froid (with spoilers)

First off, I was very thrilled to hear Hannibal has been extended for a second season. That is awesome news!

Now, onto Episode 10, Buffet Froid. I’m assuming you saw this episode when I comment so I’d recommend not reading forward if you haven’t. Let’s start with the good. It’s top notch acting as usual, especially between Lecter and Will. Will really looks like he’s falling apart and his lapses along with his super empathy are making for a really scary combination. The dialogue and script are superb as usual too. The visuals and atmosphere match the story-telling (the way the victims were killed was gruesome) and that opening sequence was chilling. I kept on screaming at the screen to the woman who was about to get killed: don’t go near your bed! You see wet footsteps! Run the other way! Run the other way!


What I’ve loved about the show so far is despite the fact that we know Hannibal is a bad guy and a horrible villain, he still seemed to genuinely care about Will as well as having a code of honor, however strange that might be (part of why he saved Abigail). This is the first episode where we really see Hannibal acting like a pure, manipulative villain who is using Will. Will is suffering from encephalitis. But Lecter wants to hide it from Will and convince him that his disease is psychological to study him. OK, I can give it that. But is encephalitis so rare a disease, they would risk Will’s life to study its effects? Also, Will’s memory lapses are seriously affecting his work and he even contaminates the crime scene. Wouldn’t he seek a second opinion if things are getting so messed up or be forced to by Crawford? And why did Hannibal kill his doctor friend? Wouldn’t that mean Will would now be forced to go see another doctor which would in turn go against Hannibal’s desire to screw with Will’s mind (and also cause doubt between their relationship)? Also, using the logic established last week that Will could see how Abigail killed the guy, wouldn’t Will also be able to determine that this killing was a staged one rather than an actual murder by the lady? (though this may be intentional as the woman still remembers Hannibal’s faceless body killing the actual doctor and could set up a potential conflict). Hannibal would know this so I just didn’t get why he would risk himself like this. In my humble opinion, it would have been more interesting if Hannibal actually came to Will’s aid and helped him overcome the physical condition, saving his life, and increasing their trust in one another.


The fact that the killer was under Will’s bed was freaking scary and that tactile contact as she asks, “Am I alive?” was surprisingly moving. I couldn’t help wonder, though, as there’s so many dogs in his house- how did she get under there without being attacked or at least scared off by the barking? Every time I pass by a house with even a chihuahua, they are barking like it is the end of the world.

Having said all that, I still enjoyed it a lot. When Will does the clock test, that was a very cool way of showing the state of his mind on multiple layers. I am also confused (though this time in a good way)- is Will’s love interest Dr. Alana Bloom or Beverly Katz?

Again, am really happy it got picked up for season 2. As always, can’t wait for the next one.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Hannibal Episode 10 Buffet Froid (with spoilers)

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that Hannibal considered his friend to be weak for wanting to observe the progress of Will’s disease. Obviously just a degenerative disease. His doctor friend was so incompetent that he bought Hannibal’s bait. Hannibal knew full well there was nothing interesting to observe. This is the only explanation for Hannibal’s gambit. From Hannibal’s history we know he has a code of honor, respects his friends (otherwise he would have eaten the lady in the dinner episode) and only murders/consumes those he considers weak and unworthy of life. Although you could be right about him just being a flat out villain. Hannibal is a psychopath after all, very much detached but knows how to fake emotions extremely well.

    • hey Falcon, very interesting way of viewing the situation. I don’t view Hannibal as a flat out villain at all, and hoped that wasn’t the direction he was going. Good episode last night. Only two more episodes left!

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