The Transmigration of Timothy Archer Review at HTMLGiant

I reviewed Transmigration in 25 points at HTMLGiant.Philip K. Dick has so many interesting things to say about religion, life, and history, I found myself incredibly fascinated. Even if it’s not his best work, I was really interested in the backstory/history of the book which is based on a real life cardinal that was a pioneer who also got brought up on multiple charges of heresy for his controversial ideas, though he defeated each charge.

From the review: “We never find out if Timothy Archer successfully achieved transmigration. Strangely, it seems Angel Archer has gone out of her way to resist change. And yet her change and transmigration is so subtle, it’s easy to miss. She chooses to live and cope with reality, unlike every other character including Timothy Archer. There is no escape into illusion, no religion or philosophy or drugs to hide behind. She takes joy in a simple thing like duping Barefoot out of a rare music record.”



2 thoughts on “The Transmigration of Timothy Archer Review at HTMLGiant

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