Similarities from Red Dragon to Hannibal

As some of my blog visitors may know, I’ve been posting random thoughts on the Hannibal episodes. This got me wanting to read the old books again so I ‘devoured’ Silence of the Lambs in a day and am going through Red Dragon again. Only a few chapters in, but was amazed at the things they captured in the show. For those not in the know, Red Dragon was Thomas Harris’ first book about characters like Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, and Jack Crawford. So far, Will collects dogs and has a gift, the ability to empathize. How is that ability described? Surprisingly, very similar to what happens in the show every time he goes into a crime scene. First off, Jack Crawford lets him go in alone. Second, here’s the description: “In his mind a silver pendulum swung in darkness. He waited until the pendulum was still.” And then the scene is described in italics. Kudos to Fuller and team for being faithful to the original material and yet carving out their own way. More on Red Dragon as I read more.


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