Koi Fish of Kauai and I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying Video Review

Here’s some photos of the Koi Fish in Kauai. There were hundreds of them swarming this area and it was incredible seeing them. Partly inspired by the imagery, and also inspired by talking with Kyle Muntz about David Lynch, Angela and I made a video review for Matthew Salesses’s I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying, which is based on my review at HTMLGiant. What we above all wanted to capture was the organic texture/feel of the book- even though it’s split into 115 flash fictions, there’s a sense of buildup and dynamism between the stories. It’s the same with the fish. You see them and can tell they’re all individuals, and yet from afar, it’s like they’re one big fish with hundreds of separate parts, divergent yet unified.




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