Hannibal Episode 7 Sorbet Thoughts (with spoilers)

There’s two main shows I’ve been following on a weekly basis. The first is Mad Men and the second is Hannibal. I thought the recent episode, Sorbet, explored Hannibal and humanized him in a surprising way that I enjoyed and brought depth to his character. Mozart plays a musical motif/theme throughout the episode and the show continues with its stylistic canvas in a way that defies the typical killer series (you know, there’s a murder, investigate the murder, catch the killer). In fact, the resolution of the crime is almost anti-climactic as it turns out to be a med student performing underground surgeries. What steals the spotlight is, oddly enough, Hannibal’s loneliness. The closest thing he has to a friend is Will Graham and in a surprising revelation, his own shrink played by Gillian Anderson. I had some reservations when I heard she was going to be on the show because I (like many others) identify her with being a FBI agent (from X-Files), but she did a great job as Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. She was pushing Hannibal in ways that made both him and us as the audience feel uncomfortable, especially with reference to the human suit (a flash of the human suit he wore in Silence of the Lambs came chillingly to mind). On the inverse, one of Hannibal’s patients wants to be his ‘friend’ and you know something horrible awaits him in a future episode as he annoyingly insists on their similarities. The preparation of the meals, the dream sequence with Will Graham, and Jack Crawford’s haunting dreams of Miriam round out another great episode. I like the fact that there’s an almost artistic sensibility to the series. If there was one point I would question or was confused by, it was this: If Hannibal, as the Chesapeake Ripper, had killed all those people, only harvesting one organ (to be served), wouldn’t there be a media frenzy and intense pressure on the police to track him down along with blockades everywhere? The killings happen very casually, almost with too much ease, and for a show that seems very realistic, that was one aspect that pushed my suspension of belief. It’s a minor point, and again, really enjoyed the way the episode played out, a great mix of nods to the movies and books, while charting out its own path and identity. I especially liked how Hannibal seemed to get upset that Will was late to their appointment, suggesting one of the oddest friendships depicted on television.



2 thoughts on “Hannibal Episode 7 Sorbet Thoughts (with spoilers)

  1. Love reading your thoughts about the Hannibal episodes! Always fun to read your posts after the episode has been aired here. It’s a little like watching it with a visiting friend, only extended through time.

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