Murder and Greed in Taiwan: Chen Chia-fu and Hsieh Yi-han

I covered a pair of really disturbing murders for Punchnel’s that took place in Taiwan and for a while were all over the media stations. Both read like something straight from that old horror show, Tales from the Crypt. In the first case Chen Chia-fu (37) murdered his sister, Chen Wan-ting (36). In the second, Chen Chin-fu and his wife, Chang Tsui-ping were killed. The motive in both cases: greed.

“Two murder cases have run rampant over Taiwanese media, both seemingly straight out of a Tales from the Crypt episode. There are chilling facts involved and a lurid sensationalism that has seized the Taiwanese public. Reports here in the States have been minimal regarding the cases, so the following information is based on culling what I could gather from various sources, much of it translated from Mandarin.”



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