Best Nachos I Ever Had Were in Phuket, Thailand

This post was inspired by Sean Lovelace who has rekindled a passion for nachos in me. I was scrolling through some old pictures and was reminded of the best nachos I ever had. It was totally random. Angela and I were starving in an island off Phuket, Thailand. It was pouring rain. The rain cleared up for a few hours and we biked around our island, wanting to try something different. We came across a small restaurant with an American woman who was the chef. She had married a Thai man and they’d started this restaurant. She had some incredible tales to tell. We were craving something other than curry and noodles, so we picked nachos. They were excellent, the best nachos I’ve ever had. (and I’ve had some incredible nachos in Mexico, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and a whole lot of other places). I still crave those nachos.



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