The Waterfalls of Kauai on a Rainy Day

Kauai was beautiful. While we went on our helicopter ride though, there was a bit of rain and a lot of clouds. We were really worried we wouldn’t be able to see anything. The turbulence made the ride even more scarier. Ironically though, the clouds made for a more dramatic viewing as the waterfalls were obscured until they popped up at the last minute, almost like we were emerging from the fog (set that to some dramatic music and you’ll know what I mean). A lot of times, as I write my novel, I try to make a conscious effort not to seek things to write about. Rather, I let it just come to me naturally so I can enjoy the moment and then reflect on it later. This is one of those moments I just loved. More photos to come! (both were taken by Angela!)waterfalls01



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