GameDynamo Retrocasts: Why I Love Castlevania

As some of my readers may know, I love retro games. And with my recent leg injury, I’ve been spending some of my free time playing some old games. I think part of the nostalgia is the way the games take us back to a different time in our lives. Even though the external circumstances are completely different, those moments playing those games help us to form a connection, especially for middle aged fellows and ladies like myself (a fellow) who grew up with the original Nintendo, Sega, and a little bit later, Sony. I remember the very first two Nintendo games I played. They were Kung Fu and Castlevania. I’ve followed the Castlevania series through almost all of their early North American releases. So I started playing and recording the original Castlevania, then part 3, then Bloodlines, and finally Circle of the Moon. I just started thinking about what I enjoyed about those games and went on a long riff without any real purpose. I’m honest. There are some fantastic youtube game reviewers out there and I’m not trying to emulate or compete with them. I’m just talking about my thoughts on these games, ha ha. Fortunately, I was also chatting with my awesome editor at Gamedynamo, Maria. (as an aside, GameDynamo is home to one of my favorite podcasts, Lautering Bytes, and I can’t wait till they’re back on). We were talking about all sorts of gaming stuff and then came up with the idea of making some of these videos retrocasts so in short, I’ll be making retrocasts for GameDynamo, starting with Castlevania. Check this one out and hope you’ll tune in for future entries!



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