Let’s Talk Social Media with Rio Liang at Carve and a Fantastic Top 10 Lit Websites List

Social media: outside of writing itself, is there a topic that gets bandied about more amongst writers? “You need a platform”, “you need a social media presence”, “you need a million things to distinguish yourself as a writer.” Being a PR machine has become almost as indispensable as being a writer it seems from a lot of the articles I’ve read. It’s been a learning experience for me as I’ve been trying to get the word out about my first collection, Watering Heaven. But I’ve never been a great PR person. At the same time, I’ve come to really love sites like Facebook and Twitter, less because it gets the word out about the book, and more, I just love meeting new people with whom I share many common interests. Some of the people I consider my favorite writer friends were people I met online. We empathize over rejections, we complain, and we celebrate our victories together.

Another site I love to use, Goodreads, has some of the best reviewers around and a lot of the people I meet on GR are people who just have amazing book recommendations to make. Seriously, I love Goodreads and twitter just because I can talk about my favourite books and hear what other people have to say about books without worrying about boring people because I’m talking about ‘books’, ha ha. Goodreads reminds me that literature is far from dead, but teeming with life.

One person I met online (and whose writing I greatly enjoy) was Rio Liang. He blogs for Carve, a fantastic lit magazine I’ve really come to enjoy over the past year. I talked with him a little about social media for an article he wrote called “Like/Tweet/Recommend This! (Marketing Your Writing, Short of An Informercial)“. Rio also talked with Mary Vollmer and I related for him some similarities between new social media technologies and game testing.

You should check it out!


While we’re on the topic of great magazines, Joseph Michael Owens wrote a fantastic list of his favourite lit magazines online. I was honored to be included as a mention among the literary geniuses who contribute to HTMLGiant. We share many favourites and you should check it out as well here! 


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