Video Review of Tim Horvath’s Understories

Angela and I have been having a lot of fun doing video reviews based on original book reviews I wrote. In this case, it was about Tim Horvath’s Understories. I had a blog posting about this before, but I also wanted to talk a little about the video. Heidegger was revered in my old class at Berkeley. I remember during one class, when I even asked something that questioned his authority, I was given searing glares from people (wa-ho is a local Chinese word I learned). But I just couldn’t get over the fact that no matter how intelligent or brilliant he was, he still supported a horrible, egregious regime that represented everything any thinking person should oppose. The story in the Understories, “The Understory”, really humanized both Heidegger and the time that it happened. I’ve mentioned multiple times how much I enjoy Tim Horvath’s stories. I’ve come to know him in the past year and have found him not just a generous and gracious person, but the kind of person I’d really love  to swap stories and beers with. That levity and creativity shines through in his stories. So, when we decided to do a video review based on my original review that was published at Punchnel’s, I really wanted it to be special. We focused first on some old stock interviews of Heidegger and wanted to explore his dualistic states (even though, yes, I’m aware, as dasein, there is no dualism). There’s even one point where we split him into four different shades and four opposed angles. Flora plays an important role in the story so we scoured different environments for different types of trees and shades. I’ve also been playing around with several cameras and have been incredibly impressed by the camera the iPhone has (all the footage is from our wanderings).

I was thrilled after posting the footage that the publishers of Tim’s Understories, Bellevue Literary Press, enjoyed the review enough to post on their site (they have a fantastic catalog of books). Here’s a link to both the site and the video. If you haven’t all ready, make sure to pick up a copy of Understories. You won’t regret it. (*Another special thanks to my editor at Punchnel’s, Ken Honeywell, for publishing the original piece as well as his blessing with this video review).



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