“Unquestionably one of the best books to come out in 2012”- wait, Watering Heaven?

I met Joseph Michael Owens through Pank. I really enjoyed his reviews for the site and we also shared an affinity for videogames. I was even more impressed with his excellent short story collection, Shenanigans, which played an interesting role in changing a part of my life. Joe’s a real talented guy, not just at writing, but his music is excellent as well (I used one track for a Machinima event that I covered for GameDynamo).

So I was very excited for his amazing review of Watering Heaven, especially when he declared Watering Heaven “unquestionably one of the best books to come out in 2012.” Wait, Joe, are you sure you don’t mean some other book? LOL.There were lots of amazing books released last year and I know Joe reads a lot so was very stunned and honored by his statement. Make sure to check out his blog here, and click on the cover of Shenanigans to check out the full review.




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