Suko’s Notebook Reviews Watering Heaven

Suko’s Notebook, whose book reviews I really enjoy, wrote this superb review of Watering Heaven. It’s always a thrill when people like your work, but to understand it at a deeper level makes every sacrifice (and all those hidden tears) worth the struggle. Thank you Susan!

Published in 2012, the stories are set in various locations, mostly in Beijing, but also in other places including Bangkok and Los Angeles, and present numerous characters (some unnamed), in a variety of situations.  The stories that take place in China keenly depict Beijing and other locales, bringing them to life through descriptions of ‘Worm Street’, men playing xiangqi (Chinese chess),  Changcheng (the Great Wall), assorted street vendors, kaoya (Peking Duck), and much more.

What I value most about these stories is their originality and inventiveness.  They seemed very creative and novel to me, strikingly different from anything else I’ve encountered in books. The format of the stories is also quite creative.

Check it out here!



3 thoughts on “Suko’s Notebook Reviews Watering Heaven

  1. Hi, Peter! Thanks very much for your kind words and for featuring my review on your site. One other thing I should mention is about the dialogue between characters in Watering Heaven. It’s quirky yet very real and intense, sometimes all at the same time!

    I’m looking forward to reading future collections of your short fiction (or other forms of work).

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