New Rat Dance Movie

Can’t believe the year is almost over. It’s been a learning experience on so many levels. I know there’s many books, articles, and even conferences on what to do after your first book publishes, but even then, it’s been eye-opening with Watering Heaven out there. I’m humbled (and thrilled) every time someone writes me about my book, telling me that they enjoyed it. That’s why as an end of the year thank you to the blogger and writers who reviewed the book, we made this thank you video. Well that, and we were just having a lot of fun. Originally, we made a video set to the music from Los Amigos, but for copyright reasons, we obviously couldn’t use it (though I tried reaching out to them, and no surprise, no reply, ha ha). We are using the music from Revolution Void which surprisingly fit in and that we loved. This rat guy was based on a planned set of short we wanted to do featuring the main character from one of the short stories, Rodenticide, about a guy who dies fighting for the rights of rats. We did a fun dance and surprisingly, the Atlus Europe team posted to their facebook page bringing in a lot of hits, which we thought was hilarious. Here is the sequel to that effort!

Thanks to all the reviewers and many more reviews to come yet!



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