May We Shed These Human Bodies Review at the Collagist

I reviewed Amber Sparks’s awesome short story collection, May We Shed these Human Bodies at the Collagist. I was only distantly familiar with her work before this review, but I’m really happy I got to read her entire collection, which is both beautiful and disturbing in the best way possible (the entirety of my thoughts are in the review). Working with Editor Gabriel Blackwell was one of the best and enlightening experiences I’ve had and was really eye-opening on so many levels- he’s changed my whole perspective on how I approach reviews. Thank you Gabe and the Collagist! (click the picture or the quote to go to the site) As a preview:

Amber Sparks, the fairy godmother of rebirth, has a wicked genius about her that transmogrifies the ordinary and makes us long to befriend the unusual gamut of quirky fiends that occupy her pages, even if it means losing a little skin in the process.



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