YouTube and Final Fantasy, Mega Man, and Wizards and Warriors

I’ve been sick the past few days and finding myself at home, I wanted to play some old video games. This was in part inspired by Joseph Michael Owens as we talked about Final Fantasy and which parts from the original were the hardest. It got me wanting to record some footage of the gameplay, which I did. This in turn got me wanting to re-play some of my favorite moments in retro gaming. As a result, I’ll be recording my favorite levels in various old school games. In a sense, it’s a very personal way of cataloguing some of my favorite experiences while I sort of run a casual riff explaining some of my thoughts. There’s some fabulous retro game reviewers out there, and I’m by no means competing with them. This is more just a personal project. I’m starting with three videos first (Cut man in mega man and Castle Ironspire in Wizards and Warriors) and if you like them, please follow on YouTube!

p.s. i haven’t played many of these games in a while so you will see me missing a lot of jumps and dying a lot. Hope it’s not too frustrating to watch, ha ha.

Wizards and Warriors

Mega Man

Final Fantasy:


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