Fantastic Review of Watering Heaven at Music, Books, and Tea

Fantastic Review of Watering Heaven up at Music, Books, and Tea:

Beautifully written, thought-provoking and just generally brilliant. The writing in Watering Heaven is exquisite. And I really do mean that. There are so many beautiful quotes in this book. They didn’t feel misplaced within the stories either. Sometimes, a quote can be brilliant, yet stick out like a sore thumb for the wrong reasons. This isn’t the case with Watering Heaven, everything flows together seamlessly. My favourite stories, basically the ones that have stayed with me, were A Beijing Romance, Staccato and Searching for Normalcy. That’s not to say the others were bad, those three were the ones that made the largest impression on myself. A lot of these stories are incredibly thought-provoking, asking weighty questions and taking the characters through experiences that I hope to never have to go through myself.


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