First Watering Heaven Review!

I guess the biggest part after getting the book published is waiting for the reviews, nervously awaiting. I have flashes of Ed Wood pacing back and forth in front of his theater, waiting for the critics. Well, the first one for Watering Heaven has come in and I was incredibly touched by it. Written by a very talented writer, Susan Blumberg-Kason, it was a great review. Here’s a bit where she mentions one of the most amazing directors around and how WH reminds her of him:

Watering Heaven (Signal 8 Press, 2012) by Peter Tieryas Liu consists of twenty stories that mostly feature male protagonists who surround themselves with feisty, independent, and intelligent women. Peter Tieryas Liu writes about themes that we can all relate to: workplace satisfaction, relationships, identity, acceptance, and death. As I read Watering Heaven, I couldn’t help but think of Wong Kar-wai, Hong Kong’s avant garde director extraordinaire.

Thank you Susan! Check out the review here!


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