The Great Write-Off

Michael Rudin invited me to the Great Write Off, a huge write-a-thon to help raise funds for a great nonprofit. I’ll be writing a new short story every night. To anyone who donates even 1$, I’ll include a character based off of your name in the story. Here’s some more information!

From October 3-5–less than two weeks from now–I will be participating in a massive write-a-thon fundraiser called The Great Write Off. We’re competing against five other worthy nonprofits, and raising funds for a FWR to continue its great work in bringing on the “re-professionalization of writing.”
I’m writing today soliciting friends and family (and that one person I met at a book group) to help support FWR. Every donation counts. Even $3! FWR has some big goals , and small donations of any amount really add up!
There are three ways you can help:
1. Sign Up to Write Too: Join my team, the West Coast Guild, and contribute by writing yourself!
2. Donate: This one is key! Not everyone can commit to writing, but I hope you’ll consider sponsoring my own participation. You can find my writing page here, where I talk a little bit about what I’ll be writing. Think of it as a marathon: instead of contributing dollars for miles, it’s dollars for words (it’s just as exhausting, believe me). A HUGE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! You can donate to my contribution to the write-a-thon by clicking the link here:
3. Spread the Word: Help us get the word out via Facebook, Twitter, your blogs, word-of-mouth. Every bit helps!
So far, we’ve got press lined up (NPR, radio coverage, literary blogs, etc.), as well as the ENTIRE Univeristy of Michigan English Department working on this. Only in its first year, it’s an event that will be back for years to come, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it here at the beginning.

And thrilled, too, that you’ll consider helping out. Thanks for supporting my writing, the work FWR does, and a great cause. Means the world.


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