Breath of Cities

While traveling through Asia this year, we hit up a whole lot of cities. Some of my favorites were in the Shandong Province and I loved visiting Chengdu. Angela snapped a lot of beautiful photos and we were real happy to share them at the Adirondack Review. The title of the photo essay was called the Breath of Cities (this was Angela’s idea. My original was Congregations, but our editor asked us for a new title- glad she did because I like the new one much better!). I miss getting lost in huge populaces. There’s a real sense of wonder being surrounded by so many people, all with unique lives and histories we’ll never know, intersecting, sometimes, for only a few seconds. Even on the digital hub, there’s many of you I’ve only interacted via emails, comments, and twitter messages. I probably will never get to meet any of you in person, but I wonder what it’d be like. Every city has a unique breathing style.

The new issue has some beautiful photography. I guarantee you will be blown away by the images of the Honeycomb by Eric Tourneret, and Peace Soldiers by Nick Stern. There’s a great collection of fiction and poetry as well. Thank you Adirondack Review!

Check it out here!


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