Final Fantasy 25th and some cool readings

I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since Final Fantasy first came out. I haven’t written any game articles for a bit, so was happy to write this sort of stream of consciousness list of the 25 reasons I love Final Fantasy 25 years later for GameDynamo. I literally wrote it in a way where I just jotted down the first 25 things that came to mind when I thought of the whole series. After finishing, I immediately thought of 25 more I wanted to add! haha. Check it out here!

Last week had two literary events I enjoyed. The first was a great reading by Janice Lee who I met through htmlgiant. She read from her superb book, Daughter, which I heavily recommend for a cerebral, metaphysical journey that is very provocative. I covered the event for Examiner here.

I also attended NewerYork’s Literary Carnival which was a blast. The evening was so vibrant and eventful and you can read more about my thoughts here.

Things I’m excited about: I’m eagerly anticipating the cover for Watering Heaven, want to watch Dark Knight Rises again before it leaves the theater, and looking forward to playing through the Resident Evil’s. We just did a playthrough of the remake of the original on GameCube, and it’s still phenomenal.

On a separate note, my publisher thought of the idea of doing a sampler/chapbook of WH with two stories from the collection and three of my flash fiction work to give readers a taste. I was excited to make the selections, which include Chronology of an Egg and Gradients, two stories that I’m especially proud of. That should be coming out in a few weeks!


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