Heidegger, Understories, and Random Musings

I have been focused on the trailer for our book, final edits to WH, marketing, and work has been very busy. But I finally found some time this weekend to not only send out a few stories, but to get some writing done. This weekend has been an interesting one and I’ll describe it in bulletpoints.

  • I was thrilled to find out my essay, Heidegger and the Understory, got picked up at Punchnel’s! Inspired by Tim Horvath’s Understories, it’s a reminder of an experience I had in college in one of my favorite philosophy courses, Heidegger. More on this later though when it gets published!
  • I got a chance to read Charles Blackstone’s The Week You Weren’t Here. It’s a hilarious read with lots of insight into relationships, love, and the contradictory impulses that drive us all. Take a peek if you are looking for some summer reading!
  • On a complete random note, we were walking to grab some dinner when two girls (dressed fashionably well), approached and asked us if they could ask for a favor. We were in a hurry and went on, but one girl made an outraged sigh and made a caustic remark towards us. This follows on the heels of a woman who randomly asked us for five bucks to take a cab and was annoyed when we told her we had no cash.
  • Transformers at Universal Studios lives up to the hype! Check out my article at Examiner!
  • Been really enjoying the Olympics, first year I’ve really watched them. Kind of sad that it’s coming to an end, but great and inspirational to see so many amazing athletes who’ve poured so much of themselves into their sport. There’s a great commercial out there about the sacrifices the athletes have made in pursuit of their dreams. Amazing.
  • Had a great lunch with a poet I really admire last Friday. He gave me lots of great suggestions and ideas for marketing the book. I hope to integrate them after Watering Heaven comes out.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Oh, and I’ve noticed some readers are visiting the blog from Russia! Welcome! Hope you are enjoying the blog!



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