Days of Destruction Days of Revolt Review at Bookslut

Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco have weaved a powerful book in their latest, Days of Destruction Days of Revolt Review. Even if you disagree with their politics, this is a must-read. I reviewed it for Bookslut and found it incredibly moving, especially the plight of all those suffering. Check it out here!

And here’s a quote from the review:

Every once in a while, I’ll read a book that makes me question what it means to be human. Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges does exactly that as he recounts tragic stories based on interviews throughout five different cities in America.. It took me a minute to register the fact that these men and women weren’t living in some war-torn third world country, but instead, here in the States. This book is the perfect companion to an earlier Hedges title, Empire of Illusion, which explores American society through the farce of wrestling, the loveless facade of porn, and the destructive fantasies that serve as the distracting “soma” for the masses. What gives even more poignancy to this book are the comic strips drawn by Joe Sacco, focusing on specific individuals within the chapters. I’ll be upfront in saying there are many aspects of Hedges’s politics I don’t agree with, but politics takes a step back in a book that should be read by anyone with a conscience and a moral compass.



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