Ten Ways Final Fantasy XIII Could Have Been the Best Final Fantasy Ever: Disc 1

FF13 is probably one of the most controversial FF’s ever. I thought there was a lot to enjoy and I’m excited to do this retrospective/list on a disc by disc basis of how FF13 could have been truly great. Check it out here!

Is there a game more controversial in the Final Fantasy series than XIII? I’ve been conflicted about FFXIII for a long time. There areĀ moments of brilliance punctuated by confusing ones that deter from the overall experience. Most people fall into the category of “this game absolutely sucks and represents the fall of the JRPG.” I respectfully disagree and believe the game had the potential to be the most amazing Final Fantasy ever, falling short for a number of reasons. Rather than listing its faults, I thought I’d try to be constructive and list ten ways I believe Final Fantasy XIII could have been the best ever.



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