Why Persona 3 Is the Best JRPG on the Playstation 2: Part 2

Persona 3 is one of the best JRPG’s ever and an amazing experience overall. I got a chance to write about what I love so much as a guest columnist for Default Prime, a superb gaming magazine. This is part 2 of my retrospective, covering the battle system and the personas. My wife and I played almost a hundred hours on this game and enjoyed every minute.Thank you Editor Chris Stewart!

I’ve played many JRPG’s in which I loved the story, but deplored the gameplay, and vice versa. Persona 3 did something I didn’t think possible; it made turn-based combat interesting again. This is because the developers incorporated the story and characters into the style of the fights. Battles weren’t just rote motions undertaken to achieve an ultimate end (leveling up), but instead, an extension of the story and characters we’d come to love.


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