Gradients Gets Reviewed At New Pages

I’d have to say one of the most challenging pieces I ever wrote was for the Bitter Oleander called Gradients. The story has a special place in my heart, not just for the content, but the themes it explores, particularly its examination of the American dream. Editor Paul B. Roth worked with me on making this story what it is and I was very excited to have a mention in New Pages (along with the rest of the issue which was fabulous). Thanks to Joanna Kurowska for a great review.

Here’s the bit:

“Also the four pieces of short fiction included in this volume evoke unique “landscapes.” Peter Tieryas Liu’s “Gradients” presents the American-dream-in-reverse, as it focuses on a homeless community dwelling in an abandoned amusement park. The story surprises us also by revealing how much history and truth can be found through studying human excrement.”

There’s also a mention of another magazine I was published in, Gargoyle, though no review of my story there. Read the rest here:

The Review


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