New Years Reflections and the 5 Strangest Game Transformations

Towards the end of the year, I always get reflective. This article/essay was exploring the 5 strangest videogame transformations. But it was also about multiverses, identity, and metaphysics. Even Michael Jackson got thrown in the mix. Special thanks to my editor, Maria Montoro, for letting me freeform on this new years piece.

A paragraph: Mix 1984, Ayn Rand, and an underwater dystopia, and you have the formula for one of the strangest, but compelling, backdrops for a video game. Dystopian tales are almost always intriguing because they explore the possibilities of a different universe and their wider ramifications. What if the Thought Police of 1984 were real? What if the soma of the Brave New World were used to control people? What if Adam and plasmids gave people super powers? Almost all dystopias begin as utopias, but their transformation into something less than ideal is usually the byproduct of the frailties of human nature. People are always rejecting Eden – maybe because paradise inspires boredom, rather than gratitude.

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