Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X had some of the most beautiful moments in gaming. Now with the HD release coming up, I wrote an article describing what the best moments to relive in HD would be! Check it out!


“Maester Seymour is an odd villain in the FF series. He wants to save people from suffering by destroying the world so they no longer feel anything. He probably would have been more ominous if he hadn’t been so incompetent; he gets beaten almost every time you fight him! The introduction to the Anima is one of my favorite moments in the game, just because of how creepy it was. During a blitzball game in Luca, monsters and fiends mount an attack. Seymour summons Anima from the depths of the underworld, chained, looking undead. This impresses all the watchers, including Yuna. Players later find out this unholy monster is conjured by the dream of Seymour’s mother, an unholy nightmare of a fayth.”



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