Tim Horvath’s Circulation

Catching up on some reading and re-read Tim Horvath’s Circulation. It’s an amazing book and one I enjoyed a lot. I also wrote a little blurb on amazon. Check it out!

Circulation is a great read. It’s about relationships and all their quirks. The main character is the director of circulations at a library and his bond with his father is at the center of the story. His father published a book about spelunking and throughout the main character’s childhood, is focused on weaving together his huge opus, ‘The Atlas.’ Circulation is filled with humor, a sense of wonder, and a whole lot of insight. It’s a literary gem that’s tremendous fun but also leaves you with a feeling of philosophical melancholy at the threads that bind everyone together. I read it in one sitting and on a second read-through, was surprised at all the nuances and lingering moments that I’d missed! A definite recommend!

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