Final Fantasy Versus 13 Wish List


My editor at GameDynamo, Maria Montoro, suggested doing a wish list for FF Versus 13, detailing what I think would make this an amazing game. I’m honestly very thrilled about it and can’t wait to play a FF that reminds me of the way I felt playing the old ones:

Can Final Fantasy Versus XIII save the Final Fantasy franchise? Director Tetsuya Nomura is saying all the right things. And while FF13-2 seems to have lots of promising elements, it’s Versus that has really captured my interest. With an actual overworld, the return of controllable airships, and a big emphasis on story, the game is poised to take Final Fantasy back to what it used to be about. And while evolution and experimentation is always a good thing, here’s my wish list of what I think would make this the ultimate Final Fantasy. Let me emphasize, these are just my opinions, and if the developers took the game in a completely different, yet still amazing, direction, I’d be very happy.

Wish List


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