Guardian Heroes Review

In the movie Up In the Air, the George Clooney character asks one of the guys getting laid off, how much did they pay you to give up on your dream? [the line isn’t exact, I know]  I was always moved by that scene. As I get older, I see a lot of people give up on their dreams they pursued their whole lives, and it’s saddening to say the least. Many, understandably do it because of necessity or circumstance. The guys at Treasure who developed Guardian Heroes, are a group of dreamers who created their own company to create the kind of games they wanted. It was a joy to review this classic of videogaming upgraded to HD for GameDynamo:

“Treasure was created in 1992 by ex-employees of Konami who didn’t want to make more sequels or clones of popular games already in existence. Their company hierarchy is supposed to be very fluid and almost anyone can work on any project they want. Their corporate and design philosophy is reflected in the creativity of their projects; all of them are very unique, brimming with different approaches to platforming and side-scrolling action. They’re not just chasing the most recent best-seller or imitating trends of whatever’s hot. They focus on their passion, which is making the kind of games they want. That takes vision, and guts, and I applaud them for both. Fortunately, Guardian Heroes exemplifies that, taking the traditional brawler and injecting elements from different genre’s to make a chimera of a brilliant game.”

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