Two New Print Stories

I try to keep this blog about mostly my online publications, but I was just so thrilled with two new print publications in two literary magazines I very very much admire. One is for my story, Gradients. If you see the tagline for the blog, it mentions people who can fly, and that’s what the story is about. Last year, my favorite story was Collection from Existence. I’d say this year, Gradients was one of my most important stories as it explored a lot of issues I’d been pondering. The editor was not just brilliant, but really made a difference in the way I not only viewed stories, but myself as a writer. I am extremely grateful to him, as well as the chance to dedicate this story to a writer I admire, Rio.

The second story is the Buddha of Many Parts, dedicated to my friends, Joy and Jill Fan. The magazine was absolutely beautiful, and a tome! Over 600 pages in length! I’ll have more on both stories later. But needless to say, it was a real special week and I can’t imagine being happier than seeing these two stories in print.


One thought on “Two New Print Stories

  1. I continue to be impressed by the textured quality of your stories, Peter. “Gradients” is a wonder, not least because of its surprising poignancy. I was particularly taken by the character of Sarah, a historian who, we come to realize as the story progresses, is a cataloguer (like her father) as a sort of atonement. Amid the grotesquerie of the amusement park (not to mention all the, um, fecal matter!), you successfully move the reader with her revealed remorse, her futile attempt to retrieve what she had long ago discarded thoughtlessly–to recover proof of a life, even if it be in the form of besoiled shoes. I thought it fitting also to pair Sarah with the photographer narrator, who through the act of photographing/videotaping (i.e. capturing the now) runs opposite her view of life (retrieving the then). Again, wonderful story. Thanks for the dedication and for your storytelling, Peter.

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