Top 5 Most Bizarre but Brilliant Game Endings

You know how games can often have bizarre, but brilliant, endings that resonate and stick with you, even if in a strange manner? Angela and I worked on an article together for gamedynamo listing our top 5 favorite! Here’s my favorite part written by Angela concerning Silent Hill 2:

The game starts you in a bathroom, staring at an eerie reflection. James Sunderland has received a letter from his dead wife telling him to meet her in Silent Hill. Usually, these are the signs of a tragic love story bound in mystery. What happened to your wife? Why are monsters chasing you? Why is this town so creepy?! All the suffering begs a deeper meaning! You find it when you use the dog key to enter a room and find out that a puppy, a cute puppy at that, is the one controlling / playing everything behind the scenes. All your sorrow and misery was caused by this puppy that wags its tail happily, the credits, a rhapsody of barking. I was upset, but then I started laughing. What if the entire world was a video game played by a small puppy for his amusement and we were the hapless characters? Would that explain things better?

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