Final Fantasy Versus XIII Preview

A lot of exciting things going on in  the writing front. I took a quick breather to write a preview for GameDynamo about the game I’m most looking forward to in the Final Fantasy series:

Are older RPGs really better, or are we just nostalgic? By we, I mean the generation of gamers who long for the old Final Fantasys like VI or VII. Yes, I’d gladly take even Final Fantasy VIII with all its flaws, because it was compelling and bold, if melodramatic.

A couple months back, I wrote an article on what I thought was the recipe for the perfect Final Fantasy game. I was surprised when several readers commented that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was going to be that “perfect” FF we all longed for. Airships were back, so was an overworld map. But what really caught my attention was the fact that Versus would have a big emphasis on story. Yes, story, the most important ingredient of any FF, or any RPG for that matter. Complain all you want about Final Fantasy XIII‘s linearity and lack of towns. If it had a riveting plot, all would have been forgiven. So can Final Fantasy Versus XIII deliver and save the franchise?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII preview


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Versus XIII Preview

  1. I do look forward to Versus, but I still have mixed feelings about Nomura’s gameplay system. I’m rather cautious of seeing turn-based become action-based. Kingdom Hearts was a fun action RPG, but it involved a lot of button mashing during the fighting sequences, especially KH2. There were so many moves that all you had to do was push in any direction and the attack button and everything would chain together effortlessly. I didn’t like the way magic was used either; charging gradually after use made it worthless at times. So long as there is strategy involved with battles in Versus, it’ll be okay. If not, then he’s ignoring a cornerstone of Final Fantasy.

    It does have traditional FF features like the world map, towns, and airship, so at the very least, it’s moving in the right direction. However, having potential means nothing if these features are not executed correctly. Basically, we won’t know if this can save FF until we try it for ourselves when it comes out. The real question is will people even care if it can save FF after all these long years of development and excitement through the roof? Are people setting themselves up for disappointment by having too much expectations?

    • Essel10, excellent points. I was hoping we’d have a lot more information after Tokyo Game Show and was disappointed there wasn’t more. However, there seems to be a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding Versus. I just hope the wait isn’t too long before we find out some more information and the enthusiasm fizzles out.

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