A Beijing Feast at Fox Chase Review

Chinese food is incredible. There’s so many different varieties and their cuisine has been developing over thousands of years. I didn’t even realize how incredible Chinese food was, just having the stuff in the States. What was funny was in China, I couldn’t even find ‘dim sum’ and a lot of the dishes I considered ‘traditional’ Chinese food. In fact, one of my biggest shocks was realizing how un-Chinese most of what passes as Chinese food is outside of China.

I wrote several tributary pieces to the wonderful food, including the short story, ‘A Beijing Feast.’ It’s published online at the Fox Chase Review. Thank you Editor S.R. Moser! Check out my story as well as some great poetry and stories.

A Beijing Feast

“I was wrestling with this monument of a menu when Pang Nan, our host for the night, entered the room. He was a big man even among ‘big’ men, corpulent with a ruddy face and a restless nose that sought smells the way a libertine might chase after women.

Our restaurant, a seven-story tribute to gustatory provocation here in Beijing, had menus that could best be described as tomes. Pang was a Chinese film producer who’d instigated a movement of subculture in cinema that vacillated between exploitative flesh flicks and efficiently brilliant drama’s of the soul, the final verdict depending on which critic you asked.”


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