Lollipop Chainsaw and the Zombies of Society

What is with zombies? There’s been so many zombie games of late, I’ve been curious what all this zombiehood means. While Suda51 is an auteur of videogaming, this preview I wrote for GameDynamo of Lollipop Chainsaw with cheerleaders and the undead had me pondering the ramifications of zombies, society, and cultural bombardment. It’s curious how we sometimes find philosophical inspiration in the oddest of places!

“It’s fascinating (and scary) when you read about the history of zombie tales and their roots in West African voodoo. A Harvard ethnobotanist, Wade Davis, did some research on reports of Haitian zombies and concluded the use of chemicals such as tetrodotoxin and datura can lead to chemical reactions that will revive corpses. Those studies were heavily criticized, and their scientific validity remains questionable to this day. And yet zombie-flicks and games still rage on. In modern day films, Shaun of the Dead made some uncannily funny comparisons between zombies (lumbering, tired, drones that look sickly) and regular, every day workers. I wonder if the popularity of mowing down zombies has its subconscious roots in a backlash against the continual ‘zombification’ of people. Lollipop Chainsaw is joyful survival horror (pom-pom attacks mixed with groin shots and rainbows) combating all those who try to eat away at us and make us into fear-mongering cannibals whose only concern is survival.”

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