Ruelle Electrique and Rio Liang

Described as an “Electric Salon for the Creatively Curious,” I was first introduced to the site by my editor at ZYZZYVA, Howard Junker. I’m glad, because it’s a great mix of literary and cultural stories/articles/essays. You can find reviews of recent novels, tips on writing in general, and discussions about pop culture at their site!

One of my favorite writers who writes for Ruelle Electrique, Rio Liang, also wrote one of my absolutely favorite essays. It’s called a Videogame Manifesto and it’s a broader exploration of gaming as art using Final Fantasy 13 as a prototype. You can find it here:

I liked it so much in fact, that I mentioned it in my recent essay, 9 Thoughts On Being a Videogame Journalist.

Rio and Ruelle Electrique were kind enough to put a spotlight on the essay here:

Rio’s articles encompass reviews of literary magazines like the New Yorker, the Gettysburg Review, and Carve. He also does great reviews of Dr. Who, Dragon Age 2, and various others. You can follow his blog here:

Hurrah for Ruelle Electrique!


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