Thoughts on Kid Icarus retrospective

On N4g, one of the comments was that due to the nature of retrospectives, we often see them in more glowing eyes than we would if we played them right now. I wonder about that.  Would Kid Icarus still be as revered if it had the same gameplay with updated graphics? Same for a lot of older games. Likewise, you can ask the opposite- would some of the modern games be as highly rated if you took away the amazing visuals? I don’t know about that either. But when I approach retrospectives, I don’t approach them from a modern view. Instead, I try to remember why I loved them so much when I first played them (taking into mind the context of the times). Kid Icarus was a romp through my childhood and I enjoyed every minute of my 3 play-through’s.

Ratings-wise, this was one of my lower-scoring at 80 degrees, but still, I was glad to work on this article and revisit a classic!

Kid Icarus N4G


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